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Any customer with any problem can consult to our company here. Our employees will contact with you. The company observes Personal Information Protection Law strictly, and will never disclose your personal information.

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Privacy policy

O.S.P. Inc. (hereinafter referred to as the company) has formulated personal information protection principles and constructed personal information protection system as mentioned below. In addition, the company emphasizes importance of personal information protection to all employees, to try to protect personal information of all consumers.

Personal information management
In order to ensure correctness and timeliness of personal information of all the consumers as well as avoid illegal utilization, losing, damage, manipulation or leakage of personal information, necessary measures have been adopted including security system, rectification in management system and implementation of employee education. In this way, the company implements security countermeasures to conduct strict personal information management.
Purpose for collection of personal information
The personal information of consumers collected by the company is utilized for contacting with customers by sending e-mails or data as well as introducing business and answering questions of customers.
Any personal information is forbidden to be disclosed or provided to any third party.
The company will control personal information of consumers in a strict way, and will never disclose the personal information to any third party except for the following conditions.
  • The consent from the customer is acquired.
  • The information of customer is displayed to the entrusted party in order to complete services expected by customers.
  • It is required to be displayed according to laws.
Security countermeasures for personal information protection
Strict and complete measures are adopted for security in order to ensure correctness and security of personal information.
Confirmation of customers in person
In condition that customers required to make comparison, modify or delete personal information, the company shall confirm the operation from customers in person firstly.
Observation and correction of laws and regulation
In order to observe laws and regulations of Japan on personal information protection, the company will modify the policy and try to improve.
Please do not hesitate to contact with us as follows for any doubt about personal information.

O.S.P. Inc.
Yamasho-Bld. 2-14, Higashi-Mitsugi, Sayama-shi, Saitama,350-1302, JAPAN
TEL:04-2968-2282 FAX:04-2968-2283