Handy VOC sensor

product description

handy VOC + VOC gas detection kit in soil and water

The handy VOC sensors are not applicable to “atmosphere” only. Using together with “soil, water VOC detection set” in the option, customers can finish VOC gas detection in conditions of discharged water from plants, rivers under management of Public River Affairs Bureau in a simple and rapid way.

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●Various types of detectable VOC gas components
It can be utilized to detect all types of VOC gas with boiling point higher than room temperature such as methyl chloride (dichloromethane), (mainly for organic solvents)
●The institution with zero correction and cleaning after each measurement is adopted
The institution with zero correction and cleaning after each measurement is adopted
●It has strong relevancy to gas chromatography
The correlation coefficient can achieve at least 95% in the condition of understanding the VOC gas components, to acquire the ppm toluene exchange value ppm with the wide detection range (dual-range switch mode) on the aspect of linearity - thousands
●Monitoring detection function
Automatic detection function with interval of 1 – 60 minutes (when using the monitoring detection kit in option)
●Large concentration detection ranges
① 1-2500ppm  ② 3-7500ppm  ③ 10-25000ppm (as toluene equivalent values)
●Simple, quick and low cost
「Power ON → Zero correction → detection → display results →cleaning」. One or two minutes are needed to acquire results in detection fields. It is especially applicable to primary screening.
●Anybody can finish detection easily, in need of no specialized knowledge.
Anybody can operate the VOC sensor, in need of no specialized knowledge. It is available to finish detection in an easy and correct way by turning on the power.
●With a memory ability of 1000 detection results
It can be connected to personal computers with specialized software and USB.

Usage of handy VOC sensors

■Corresponding VOC gas management (daily independent management)   ■Screening investigation in soil and underground water pollution field   ■Formulation of pollution maps   ■Judgment of stop positions when boring   ■Soil elution experiment   ■Monitoring of pollution purification plants   ■Simple monitoring in various operating environments   ■Simple monitoring of printing, spraying and cleaning engineering   ■Investigation and monitoring of discharge amount, leakage and residual concentration   ■ Field check on oil content concentration in rivers, bays, tap water pipes and sewers   ■Daily management of VOC gas discharge amount and flyoff amount in places such as plants   ■Investigating and monitoring of pollution, leakage and residual concentration   ■Evaluation and operating management used for dryers and VOC gas removal and recycling devices   ■ Applied to various types of research and development

Basic specifications

Product name handy VOC sensors
Model VOC-121H
Detection method increase in interference reflectometry (IER method)
Measured object steam violate organic matter VOC gas; mainly as solvents of normal temperatures
For example: reaction with fuel oil such as gasoline, lamp light oil and heavy oil as well as all organic solvent steam such as petroleum hydrocarbon type, thinner, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, dichloromethane, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, alcohol, ether, aldehyde, ketone, Ester type, amine, amido type, NMP, nitrile, organic acid, silicone solvent (siloxane).
Detection ranges
(Toluene equivalent values)
Low range → high range (automatic range): Low → High automatic switch mode
①Specifications: 1 - 100ppm → 25 - 2500ppm
②Specifications: 3 - 300ppm → 75 - 7500ppm
③Specifications: 10 -1000ppm → 250 -25000ppm

Please select among ① - ③ when purchasing products.
Please consult to sensitivity of toluene and other ranges.
Display crystal liquid digital: steam concentration (ppm) and detection part temperature (℃)
Accuracy indicated value within ±20%, action range: full span 3% (in condition of toluene steam), and the larger value (vary according to different using conditions and detection environments)
Repeatability indicated value about ±10%, action range full span ±2% (in condition of toluene steam) and the larger value (vary according to different using conditions and detection environments)
Sample gas temperature about 0-50℃ (with the favorable condition that the difference with the clean air with zero correction is controlled within ±10℃).
(Simple cooling with extension of several meters with teflon tube is adopted for detection of high temperature VOC gas)
Sample gas humidity relative humidity is about 0-99% (no moisture condensation: with the favorable condition that the difference with the clean air with zero correction is controlled within ±20℃)
(It is necessary to adopt measures such as setting zero correction special-purpose humidification bottles or trap when detecting VOC gas with large humidity.)
The sampling is absorbed with built-in diaphragm pump the absorbing speed is about 200-300mL/min.
Detection time about 10-30 seconds (it will judge automatically according to environment temperature; it is available to extend by changing length of tubes.)
Action temperature ranges 0-40℃ (ambient temperature)
Power supply # 5 alkaline batteries or nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries x 4 (DC 4.8V-6.0V)
Or AC100V (with accessories AC adapter)
Size about 275 (length) x 41 (height) x 78 (width) (maximum part)
Weight about 400g (including 4 x #5 dry batteries)

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Zero point correction automatic judgment (20-30 seconds in normal environment); the READY lamp (green LED) is on after the end of correction.
Sensor element durability at least one year (in condition of average exposure time of 1 hour in environment with toluene steam concentration of 1000 ppm): with element service life self-judgment function.
Setting of conversion coefficient the concentration of other VOC gas can be acquired by value of toluene multiplied by VOC factor: setting ranges of 0.1-99.9.
Automatic power off The power is off automatically in condition that no operation is conducted for continuous three minutes during standby or after detection.
Service life of the battery continuous operating time of 7-8 hours (influenced by using conditions, brand and performance of batteries), with battery service life alarm (red LED is on).
Data memory memory ability of 1000 articles including serial number, date and time, detected value (average value AVG and maximum value MAX), detected part temperature, detection range.
Data transmission Specialized USB cables and standard software in accessories are utilized, to save data as edible CSV files in Excel.
Alarm setting It is available to set alarm with the unit of 10 ppm (ON/OFF)
Continuous monitoring
(Option) 1 point detection ⇔ interval detection (stand-by time is set as 0, 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 60 minutes) switch
In addition, it is needed to use the monitoring detection kit in option kit which is purchase independently.

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Detection flow (simple operation with only ON/OFF button and START button)

The portable models can be customized according to different using purposes. The setting type VOC monitor and other models are provided by the company for continuous detection.

*Detected values can be transmitted to the PC terminal after each 1 minute to generate graphs automatically.

About lending of demos

The company provides potential customers with free lending services. Please consult to us about detection objects and detection methods.