List of Products

List of Products

Handy VOC sensor

The handy type detector can be utilized to detect the total amount of petroleum and chlorine VOC gas concentration on the scene in a simple and quick way.
The built-in pump is adopted to absorb the gas on surface layer and in boring holes (with the depth of 10m) for detection, with methods of simple check and primary screening.

  • Simple quick detection/wide detection ranges
  • With strong relevance to gas chromatography/with memory ability of 1000 data
  • Continuous detection under interval mode

The product is an intermittent continuous monitor, which can be utilized to sample object gas for VOC gas detection. The monitoring interval can be set arbitrarily (more than 1 minutes), with automatic zero correction, sensor element service life judgment, data memory, concentration alarm and USB communication functions, applicable to field detection.


Fixed VOC monitor

The product is an intermittent continuous monitor, which can be utilized to sample detected gases so as to detect VOC gas. It can be utilized as an entrance and/or exit concentration monitor.

  • Wide detection ranges/with analog output/with 2-shift alarm contacts
  • Intermittent and continuous operation/with the ability in memory of 1000 data
  • With zero correction special-purpose error automatic control functions
  • Long-term monitoring, with top reproducibility
  • VM-501 is the demonstration model for ETV

Wall mounting type VOC monitor

The product is an intermittent continuous monitor, which can be utilized to sample detected gases so as to detect VOC gas. It is a cheap version/wall mounting type detector with limited specifications and functions, which is especially applicable to detection working environments as a leakage alertor.

  • Cheap/wall-mounting type with limited specifications and functions
  • Intermittent continuous operation/with analog output/with 2-shift alarm contacts
  • Especially applicable for detection on operating environment as a leakage alarmer
  • Long-term monitoring, with top reproducibility

Water VOC monitor

The product is an intermittent continuous water VOC gas monitor, which can be utilized to monitor VOC gas concentration by getting water automatically and continuously aiming at detection objects such as plant drainage as well as vaporizing VOC gas solved in water in ways of heating and vaporizing (aeration).

  • An automatic monitoring device with the headspace detection method
  • Customized types such as overflow water acquisition + intermittent continuous monitoring type and batch types
  • With analog output/with 2-shift alarm contact
  • Applicable to water discharge leakage alarm equipment
  • Long-term monitoring, with top reproducibility, daily maintenance free

Residual VOC easy tester

It is a simple device testing total residual organic solvent (total VOC) in printed sheets or adhesive films. It simply tests and determines the specific amount by conducting circulating tests on total VOC gas amount in special-purpose testing bottles for sample sheets.

  • Easy operation by anybody at field
  • Finding flaws of products within the shortest time
  • Detection of small traces (toluene of 0.1mg/㎡)
  • Strong GC relevance
  • Detection of mixed VOC gas
  • Memory ability of 1000 data (transmitted to PC terminal with USB)

The above product is a demonstration for the standard products.
It is available to customize as per requirements of customers (such as multi-channel monitor). Please do not hesitate to consult to us for any requirement.

Examples of industries and detectable solvents (VOC gas), usage in various industries and specific examples.

*It is utilized to detect 100 types of VOC gas of Ministry of the Environment as well as all types of VOC gas with boiling point higher than indoor temperature (mainly organic solvents)

Industry Using purpose Specific examples Detected solvent examples *
Printing/film/adhesion ・Monitoring of printing drying engineering
・Operating environment
・Discharged gas monitoring
・Check on internal environment of clean rooms
・Simple check on residual solvent concentration
・Printing base plate
・Adhesive film
・Tuck paper
・Medical purpose film makers
・Lithium-ion battery makers
・Optical film makers
・Gravure printing/laminate
・Ethyl acetate
・MEK, IPA, etc.
・Methyl alcohol
・Aldehyde type
・Ester type
・Carbonate series of solvent
・NMP, DMF and γBL
・Various type of thinner
Spraying ・Simple check on solvent process elimination with water system ink
・Discharged gas monitoring in booths
・Operating environment monitoring in spraying plants
・Check on dry state
・Coating makers
・Automobile makers
・Automobile component plants
・Motor makers
・Toluene and xylene
・Ethylbenzene, etc.
・Melaminen resin system
・Various types of thinner
Cleaning ・Monitoring of discharged gas in cleaning tank
・Independent management of operating environment concentration in plants
・Check on leakage to surrounding environment of cleaning devices
・Automatic automobile component plants
・Motor and electric component plants
・Metal processing and cutting plants
・Electroplating plants
・Dry cleaning
Fluorine system solvent examples
・Trichloroethylene (trichlene)
・Tetrachloroethylene (perchloroethylene)
・Dichloromethane (methyl chloride)
・HCFC and HFC systems

Examples of petroleum system cleaning solvents
・Aqua solvent
・Mineral spirits
・Nikko white
・NS clean

Silicone solvent
・Siloxane, D4, D5, etc.
Chemicals manufacturing ・Monitoring of discharged gas from plants
・Check on volatile gas concentration in storage tank of solvent
・Check on residual solvents in rubber products
・Detection on leakage of pipes of machinery plants
・Ink manufacturing
・Automobile internal material makers
・Chemical fertilizer makers
・Medicine plants
・Synthetic rubber plants
・Dichloromethane (methyl chloride)
・Methyl chloride
・Trichloroethylene (trichlene)
・1,3- butadiene
・Vinyl acetate
・Methyl alcohol
VOC gas treatment ・Monitoring of inlet and outlet concentration of RTO type treatment devices
・Monitoring of inlet and outlet concentration of activated carbon treatment devices
・Monitoring of inlet and outlet concentration of catalyst combustion treatment devices
・Monitoring of concentrating devices after concentration
・Monitoring of solvent absorbing-type treatment and recycling devices
・Monitoring of inlet and outlet concentration of wet-type scrubber treatment devices
・Monitoring of outlet concentration of carbon dioxide type VOC gas treatment devices
・Monitoring of inlet and outlet concentration of cooling-type treatment and recycling devices
・Film plants
・Printing plants
・Chemical makers
・Spraying makers
・Electronic component plants
・Solvent treatment and recycling device makers
・Ethyl acetate
・Methyl alcohol
・Ethyl alcohol
・Aldehyde type
・Ester type
・Various types of thinner
Water quality ・Corresponding oil leakage accidents in rivers
・Monitoring of oil accidents in waste water treatment plants
・Check and monitoring of discharged water of plants
・Land Transport Bureau and Sewage Bureau
・Water Quality Inspection Center and Dam Administration Bureau
・Chemical pharmaceutical plants and film plants
・Gasoline, lamp oil and light oil
・Ordinary organic solvent
・Methyl chloride
Electrical products/electric components ・Check on unfavorable drying of electric components (condensers, etc.)
・Check on residual solvent of copy machines and printers
・Check on resist gas and leakage of IC plants/environment management
・Electronic engineering and motor product component plants
・Lithium-ion battery manufacturing plants
・Semiconductor manufacturing plants
・Photocopier manufacturing plants
・Siloxane, D4, D5, etc.
・Dimethyl carbonate
・Diethylpyrocarbonate, etc.
Others ・Simple detection on anesthetic gas concentration in anesthetic
・Check on solvent concentration in glove boxes (in nitrogen environment)
・Monitoring of bad smell around industrial waste treatment facilities
・Check on bad smell around fields
・Undertakings related to VOC discharge control advisers
・Anesthesiology department of medical universities
・Various types of research institutions
・Clean rooms
・Municipal governments
・Risk communication countermeasures
・Think tank and research companies
・Xylene, etc.

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