Water VOC monitor

product description

VM-800 series

The product is an intermittent continuous water VOC gas monitor, which can be utilized to monitor VOC gas concentration by getting water automatically and continuously aiming at detection objects such as plant drainage as well as vaporizing VOC gas solved in water in ways of heating and vaporizing (aeration).

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●An automatic monitoring device with the headspace detection method
●Customized types such as overflow water acquisition + intermittent continuous monitoring type and batch types
●With analog output/with 2-shift alarm contact
●Applicable to water discharge leakage alarm equipment
●Long-term monitoring, with top reproducibility, daily maintenance free

Usage of water VOC monitor

■River Affairs Bureau of Ministry of Land: corresponding oil pollution accidents
■Waterway Bureau, Sewage Bureau and Municipal Water Quality Inspection Center: monitoring of abnormal smell of oil
■Water discharged from plants and cooling water from machinery devices: leakage accidents
■Soil pollution countermeasures: management on monitoring and purifying process of soil improvement fields
■Quality management: management on removal of solvent from water painting

Basic specifications

Trade name Water VOC monitor
Structure outdoor (or indoor) independent control panel
Power supply AV100V, 30A
Setting environment (1) Non-dangerous indoor regions (5-35℃, 20-80% RH)
(2) Maintenance space with no vibration or impact
Keep the product away from electric noise sources such as power or corrosive gas environment
Digital display water VOC conversion concentration
Low: 0.00-10.00; High: 0.0-100.00; (toluene conversion: mg/L)
External output (1) Current output: 4-20mA
① Water VOC conversion concentration: 0.00-10.00; High: 0.0-100.00 mg/L (the upper limit of output can change within the above ranges)
② Error identification signal: corresponding current value is outputted according to different errors

(2) Alarm contact point: dry contact
①VOC concentration alarm (2 shifts): alarm 1 (H) and alarm 2 (HH)
②Equipment error (2 shifts): abnormal decline on gas flow, abnormal water flow, abnormal temperature on heating parts, abnormal cooling water temperature and abnormal dehumidifier temperature
VOC detection method The method integrated with the IER method and the headspace detection method for VOC monitors
(1) IER method: Interference Enhanced Reflection Method
The polymeric membrane contacts with VOC gas and absorbs VOC molecules, and swells according to VOC gas concentration. Different swelling degree leads to different results on light reflection and interference. Based on this theory, the VOC gas concentration is detected.

(2) Headspace detection method: water sample is imported into a closed container under certain conditions. Due to VOC component diffusion, upper gaseous state part (headspace) achieves the balanced state between gas and liquid, and gas in the headspace is extracted for detection.

(3) VOC intermittent continuous monitoring: The sequence of VOC detection parts is listed as follows: cyclic zero point correction → detection → cleaning. About 1 minute is needed at least for a cycle.
Device operating method (main flow) collection of water sample (prepared collection) ⇒ heating, stirring and vaporization ⇒ detection of VOC gas concentration ⇒ detection of water sample after discharge ⇒ cleaning (specified frequency) ⇒ water collection ⇒ ・・・・・・ repeated
Detection period about 20 minutes is needed for a cycle from water sample collection to water sample discharge (about 40 minutes when the cleaning process with clean water is also taken into consideration).
Detection time About 30 minutes after importing of water sample (5-10 minutes if it is not heated)
Repeated reproducibility (stability) (1) zero: under 0.5mg/L
(2) Span: about ± 0.5mg/L
Detected VOC components petroleum system and chlorine system VOC gases (hydrophobic VOC components) including toluene, hexane, methyl chloride, trichloroethylene, tetrachloroethylene, chloroform and carbon tetrachloride

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*1: The VOC aiming at other substance besides toluene; it is available to enter into the conversion coefficient to read directly.
*2: There may be changes as per different using conditions and detection environments.

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